You're here to master your psychology so that you can be a better version of yourself, cultivate meaningful relationships with others, be financially free, and fulfill your purpose. Let's face it, you're here to do something bigger and live your life.

Hi, I'm Luis Garcia, and I can help.

About You My Friend!

If I was to describe you, you are a person who spends a lot of time questioning about what you are capable of doing in life, and yet, not quite getting to the level of success you feel you can in life. You are tired of living the same old patterns of getting nowhere and you seek to overcome your fears that you know that still stops you. You want to discover more about yourself by unlocking more of your creative power and brilliance and heal your past to live a better life. You feel like you are right there, but it doesn’t quite happen for you as of yet and that frustrate you (and rightfully so). 

Even thou you are somewhat comfortable in your quiet and isolated world, it still bother you that no one knows you, because deep down inside, you want to help other people and be the leader you feel you can, you want healthy and meaningful relationships, you want your creative talents and voice to be heard. You are like, the best-kept secret, but nobody knows that you are this bright, deeply caring and very knowledgeable person with unique talents and knowledge about life.

You want to grow more personally and become financially free. But, the problem is that you don’t know how to get to the level of success you feel that you can because you kind of don’t know how to put yourself – the world around you – and others into perspective so that you can make the right choices in life. Choices, that leads to your life accomplishment and success.

In A Nut-Shell....

You know that moment when you are alone and you finally get that soft quiet space? Feels good, but what is the first thing your mind tends to do? Your mind automatically starts to think about all the things that worry you. Your mind just goes on autopilot and tries to figure things out by asking questions like – what am I to do? How am I to do it? Can I do it? I mean, this makes it hard to sleep at night at times, and sometimes it's just hard to wake up to face the day. These are the signs that it is time for a change, time to have a better life. 

Since you’re here right now, bottom line, it means that you’re a creative person who is tired of living the same old life, you're looking to surround yourself with like-minded people (I mean let's be honest here – your family and friends are supportive, but don’t quite “get it” or "get you"). You're full of bright ideas with a positive mindset, you are interested in human psychology and are fascinated by human behavior and personal transformation and are willing to dig deep. You want to live a healthy lifestyle. You are creative, ambitious, and a passionate person with a unique set of talents and you know it would be AWESOME to have great fun-filled meaningful relationships with others and be financially free.

But maybe you…

  • Are tired of things not making sense and you want to master your own psychology and put yourself, others, and the world around into perspective to understand how the world works so that you can make on point successful choices for yourself. 
  • Are frustrated that you keep ending up in the same old painful confusing dead-end relationships (OMG frustrating – I know!).
  • Feel isolated and you wish more people could relate to what you’re trying to do, or even to the things you think or say.
  • Getting beaten up by negative thoughts and not knowing how to shift them into helpful solutions. 

You want to make use of your talents and get your creative juices going towards something that matters to you and the world. You feel READY to take yourself and your life to a higher level. But you feel stuck and you just don’t know how to make that a reality as of yet. I’ve totally been there my friend, and I know how frustrating it is...omg is it ever!

Now, here is what I believe, as these are my core values that I live by...

  • I believe that you are born with inherent creative talents, gifts, and abilities which is the foundation of who you are. Creative abilities that have the power to do great things in the world, like, you capitalizing on your creative abilities (your career)to become financially free, which is you living on purpose. This is the very essences where you evolve and grow yourself which brings an organic joy and fulfillment to your everyday life experience. With this creative foundation, you can help others to live better and help create a better society which is your world service and contribution. Trust me. I’ll show you how to unlock these creative abilities.  
  • I believe you have kept certain dreams, goals, and aspiration secret by keeping those dreams silent and hidden in the back of your mind for far too long. Or, you just might not know where to start. Well, I’m here to help you bring it to life and make it a reality. 
  • I believe you deserve to be a self-preserved individual who can make something out of nothing and turn it into a success and be respected and loved and have a sense of happiness for yourself. Simple because when you are happy we get the best of you and society gets better when this goes viral. I’m determined to give you the tools and knowledge to become that kind of a person.
  • Bottom line, you want to master your psychology and put yourself, others, and the world into perspective to make on-point decision that leads to success, have meaningful relationships, be financially free to live your life in your terms, express your creative abilities, and help other people!...I'm here to help you do just that like the super star that you are.

Hi, I'm Luis Garcia

I'm an author, public speaker, personal development coach, spiritual teacher, a revolutionary thought leader, a successful entrepreneur, educator, and I'm OBSESSED with helping people empower themselves and achieve their ideal life. One of the many things that I specializes in is helping people figure out what it is that makes them happy and fulfilled in life and getting clear on who you are, why you are here, and where you are going while maintaining steady and predictable successful goals to move forward in your life. I also focus on helping you achieve financial freedom and mastering your personal psychology so you can take charge of your thoughts and feelings and learn to use them as tools to succeed, and cultivate healthy relationships so you can function in today's world as an empowered successful individual. Most importantly, I teach you how to truly master your personal psychology and fulfill your creative evolutionary purpose which is your personal and spiritual development and where you experience fulfillment and joy. 

Luis is profound at unlocking creative potential in a real way.

Marty Ward

“Luis Garcia, the business man, is a very successful real estate investor and author. The person who has made the profound impact on my evolution is Luis. I have studied with Luis for over three years. One of his most impressive qualities as a practitioner is his precise and detailed unfolding of emotions and his ability to convey their message to his students. From his careful revelations and unique teaching style, I have become my authentic self for the first time and knowing how to define the choices to live that way. 

I am living my passion and am happy more consistently and reliably than ever before. I have the internal resources to unravel my own challenges and to navigate my emotional life more easily and effectively. As a business woman, after 35 years of just “wishing I could,” I am finally living my dream. Because of Luis profound teaching of unlocking creative potential in a real way.​

~Business Consultant, Defining Your Business, LLC , Melbourne FL~

What I'm Passionate About

I specialize in helping people just like you to learn how to use fear as motivators that give you the fuel and the passion to overcome the mental, emotional, and physical obstacles keeping you from accomplishing your goals, dreams, and from living your ideal lifestyle. I also can help by acquiring and awakening your talents, gifts, and natural purposeful abilities and implementing successful creative and fun-loving productive habits to rapidly establish success in your life. Many people that I helped have gone to have awesome careers and become financially independent. Some have written books. And yet some others have moved beyond the mental and emotional limitations and barriers that were holding them back from living well and simply enjoying each day.

All my educational material utilizes the knowledge of how our brain and emotions form habits and patterns of behavior. Habits and patterns of behavior that can ruin your life or behavioral patterns that lead to living a successful life. With this knowledge, you will learn how to transform your poor behavioral patterns into successful ones and creating the right mindset for success. This is years of research to learn that you can learn in no time in the format that I lead you through. My past clients often see rapid changes from my framework and approach to personal development and spiritual fulfillment. Most importantly they love the knowledge of administrating personal change and empowerment that they take with them day to day. This rapid growth can also happen for you. You too can pass your hurdles and be well on your way to living a satisfying life in no time. Or, if you are on the road to success, you can even progress further.

Luis is an outstanding human being that you can learn a lot from.

Galia Statsenko

“Watching Luis teach activate my passion and desire to grow and to understand myself better. Using Luis as a reference point, I see my unlimited potential and possibilities. I’m deeply inspired and grateful to have meet Luis and to grow to understand what he knows. I’m fascinated with his connection to Life and his understanding of human behavior and I’m hoping to discover those qualities in myself. If you wish to understand and improve your life in any area of your life, I highly recommend anyone to check out Luis’s work, you will be blown away of what Luis is saying and teaching, his work is very unique.”

~Massage Therapist, Phoenix, Arizona~

My Story

Growing up in a broken home and raised in a rough neighborhood in Brooklyn New York surrounded by violence and crime all around me, life was not about creative empowerment or becoming creatively self-realized, life was about fear and surviving the streets. When you’re a kid you truly rely on the environment that you live in and the people who cultivate the lifestyle and for some, this can be deadly. But, despite the fact I was surrounded by people who cultivate a hostile environment, I always felt out of place and like I didn’t belong where I was at.

While everyone else was doing or selling drugs, fighting, getting arrested or dying, I was the dreamer who was always pondering about life. I always saw the world and understood human behavior in ways that I thought was common knowledge. It was at the age of six that I realized that the things I understood when it came to human behavior and life, others did not know - and it was not common knowledge. This was my first major aha moment and this is when I realized that I was different. I realized that I had a certain understanding of life. This was my natural talent others didn’t have, and my natural spatial intelligence made sense to me for the first time and I knew what I wanted to do in my life and what I was about.

I wanted to explore this talent more but being just a kid I was forced to live in this hostile environment and having limited of choices and resources (no internet at the time) I was forced to hang out with the wrong people; people who sought out more violence and crime. I witness my friends getting arrested, getting hook on drugs and going on a downward spiral, seeing some of my friends getting killed. By the time I was fifteen, I have been to over a dozen funerals to see my friends and family members who got killed or just died for drug overdose. I never really got to explore more of this natural talent of mine and  I didn’t really know what I was really capable of so most of the time I was just this kid with low self-esteem and feeling insecure about myself.  

My life felt wrong, I felt wrong, and the world around me felt wrong. Over-all I felt that I was living a life that I did not resonate with. Despite all the violence and crime, inside of me I felt different, I felt unique, I felt special, and I felt that life wanted to offer me deeper and more meaningful experiences and I knew I wanted that. That was the feeling that carried me through my crazy childhood and even as a teenager. 

I kept that feeling to myself because I didn’t think no one would understand, and I didn’t have enough information to put it into perspective for myself, but it was always there creating that contrast between the hostile environment that I lived in versus how I really felt deep within myself. That deeper meaningful feeling truly kept my curiosity alive which kept me alive as I wanted more out of life.

As I got older and gain more freedom I took inventory and I pulled back and looked at my life. I realized I could not live the rest of my life like this experiencing so much pain. So I made the decision to pull myself out of that ghetto lifestyle and for the first time I made the decision to be true to myself and follow that feeling that felt more meaningful inside of me. To make a long story short, I became a personal trainer and made a lot of money and I surround myself with creative like-minded people. Took a lot of personal development courses and I really was a natural at it and excel faster than others in the topic. I began to do seminars, workshops, and private session. Travel the world learning from other cultures and teaching. 

I did my first real estate investment when I was 24. Currently, my real estate company is now worth 2.4 million dollars and I make 5 figures a month and that feels great. I have written three books and I still do workshops and talks and now I’m currently working on this online marketing that was introduced to me three years ago. So when it comes to getting out of the rut and becoming your own successful person, I know what I’m talking about and I can tell you that you can do it too!    

Why This Website Is Created?
How You Will Benefit From It?

When you buy a new TV with a DVD player, it comes with a manual explaining how to put it all together so it can function easily, effectively, and successfully to give years of enjoyment. Unfortunately, you weren’t born with a user manual that can help you understand the way you function Spiritual, Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically so that you can make successful choices in life in order to live an enjoyable life. It’s up to you to figure out how your mind works so that you can master your personal psychology, manage your emotions to keep a stable fun filled emotional life, express your natural creative powers to complete your purpose and to achieve the lifestyle you desire, and to become financially independent.

For most people, the process of figuring out how to use the creative power of your mind so that you can live a successful life can be overwhelming. Trying to figure out this knowledge and process by yourself, can take years. Not knowing this knowledge, you live a life working and working, then crashing, and as you repeat this daily painful life over and over again, by the end of the day, you are tired. Living this way kills your business, health, creativity, love life, and your social life. As you live an unhappy life, you keep wondering why you can’t figure out the right way to live your desire lifestyle. Sounds familiar? Many people today live this way which is one of the major reasons why society seems so crazy as so many dump their misery onto each other.

Until you make a conscious choice to change things, you will stay right where you are (which I know you don’t want to do). Understand, living this daily painful pattern MUST be broken in order for you to live a happy and fulfilling life. To live your desire life, you have to search for the resources that will provide the knowledge, education, and skills to teach you about your creative mind, and guide you to transform your mind to a mind that is trained and built for success, so that you can live a fulfilling life.

All my articles, courses, blogs, and podcast acts like a manual that is dedicated to giving you the kind of knowledge you are looking for to help guide you to transform your mindset to one that is built for success, so that you can cultivate fulfilling and meaning relationships, master your personal psychology, establish a stable emotional life, become financially independent, complete your life purpose, and experiences an over-all fulfillment personally and spiritually with yourself.

You see, it starts with you simply because you are an asset. Your overall life successes are determined by your ability to see and make accurate choices that lead to successful results. When your mind operates for success and know how to create and live a successful life, you give your best to others. Imagine each person empowered and living their best and contributing their best. When this goes viral, society improves and it becomes a better place to live. This starts with you and that is how important you are. This is why this Website is created. It's created for you. This Website delivers the education to live a better quality of life.

"One of the greatest rewarding feelings in human nature is to prevail over your own insecurities and fears. Fear does not have to be a paralysis where you sabotage your successes and live in reaction and doubt. It also can be an ally that is the precipice for personal change & accelerated growth."

Luis Garcia, author of Personal Development Simplified   


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