We are all born great at something. Unfortunately, instead of living our life maximizing our full potential, we spend our life feeling bad about our weaknesses. You know what all famous and successful people all have in common? They discovered what they were great at – their creative brilliance – and they maximized their talents to become what we all know them to be, rich and successful. Personal Development Simplified also gives you not only a revolutionary understanding of the role your ego plays in your life, but also a framework so that you can figure out your brilliance, your natural creative abilities.

Bottom line, the purpose of this book is to strategically bring your personal power totally and perfectly in sync: mentally, emotionally, physically, behaviorally, and spiritually with yourself, with others, and with money. Personal Development Simplified is an easy-to-understand, modern-day step-by-step blueprint that gives you the outline to put your life success into perspective. Luis Garcia gives you a simple framework so that you can make deliberate choices to direct your life and engineer your success through the use of your creative powers. He shows you exactly how to evolve from living your life in chaos, pain, and confusion, to enjoying a life enriched by expressing your creative powers and that brings you greater joy, clarity, success, and an over-all feeling of being fulfilled and empowered.


Luis Garcia is an innovative Holistic Health Practitioner, a Thought Leader, Educator, Personal Development Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Entrepreneur, Author, and Public Speaker who teaches a method of self-inquiry in which the participant learns to transform their fears into empowered actions and awaken their own unconscious creative potential, their talents, gifts, and natural creative abilities. As the participant, he teaches you how you can have the ideal life you want, become empowered, and achieve your successes by manifesting your dreams through the use of your talents, gifts, and natural creative abilities.

He is a true pioneer of his times due to his profound understanding of Universal Laws that govern our emotional, mental, personal, and spiritual development. Luis is widely acclaimed and revered by his clients for his extraordinary ability to lead them to discover and utilize the deepest resources of their strength and power. As a mentor and advisor Luis Garcia will help you address your tough questions that you have been wrestling with. Luis will give you cutting edge answers for all areas of your life from personal to professional and from spirituality to sexuality and everything in between. As a mentor and adviser Luis’s honest and effective answers will help in developing the skills to make life altering changes that bring wealth, health, and greater happiness.

Luis has spoken throughout the world including; Egypt, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Taiwan, Bali, Honduras, Belize, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, and across the Americas. His unique style of education and entertainment keeps audiences riveted on the edge of their seats. As an author, using Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Hypnosis, Yoga, Tantra, and Health & Nutrition, Luis reveals the truth of how simple it is to live a rich, fulfilled and joyous life. He shares his profound understanding of your psyche and how to use such knowledge to transform your fears into a state of self-empowerment so that you can be successful in your life and influence the lives of others in a way far beyond what you ever thought possible.



Over Coming Fear

Are you feeling like your fears are stopping you from living your life? Are you struggling to find your life purpose? This book will show you exactly what you need to do to finally be a success with your life purpose! In this book, you will learn how to identify your life purpose. You will also learn advance concepts on how to live your life purpose and how to identify what you love to do innately. We were all born with greatness and we tend to forget as we grow up. If you find yourself in this position, questioning what is your life purpose and mission, then Personal Development Simplified is for you.


Breaking Bad Habits

This book is one of the most valuable resources in the world when it comes to what you need to know about spiritual emotional freedom! Discover how to break bad habits once and for all using this simple step-by-step guide! You’ll find out techniques to developing good habits for success in all areas of your life! Learn to identify your bad habits and become aware of them and how to get more done using some simple techniques. Looking to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors? Personal Development Simplified reveals how to stop self-defeating behaviors and teaches you to overcome your fears.


Money Mindset

The wealthy have learned that in order to find financial freedom, it is crucial to have the proper mindset to make wise decisions and directing your course into correct actions that accumulate wealth! With Personal Development Simplified – you will learn exactly how you can start to develop your own money mindset and begin reaping the benefits of increased wealth! Personal Development Simplified provides you with actual hands-on strategies that you can easily implement into your own life to develop your mind for success!


Change Is Going To Come

Personal Development Simplified is about moving from Confused & Lost to Empowered & Assured. It’s about transforming your limitations, and learning how to live successfully in your life. “Want health, happiness, love, and wealth? Of course you do, and, you can have it! This book will help improve yourself and lead you into your ultimate authority and power – You! Personal Development Simplified reveals key techniques to help you master your cognitive behavior to reach the success you want in your life. So come and learn develop your six power center that is needed for success, define and utilize your talents, gifts, and abilities, create your action plan & move toward a successful version of yourself, and learn how to transform your limitations, and learn how to live successfully.


In addition, did you know that there are five types of brilliance inside of you? There is the scientist, creator, commander, visionary, and the warrior. Each one has different sets of creative powers, different passion, different ways of thinking and expressing themselves. They each use different ways to love, and use different strengths to take care of themselves and to succeed in life. Read Personal Development Simplified so that you can discover what your creative brilliance is, and live your life more effectively. You can use your new understanding of your brilliance to see and develop the brilliance in your friends and family and start to build more successful relationships and thrive financially. This will help you live your life with joy and ease. It will set you free.

This is a book for a new generation of soul seekers that revolutionizes the way you think about yourself, others, success, and life.

“You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be”

~Mar​​​​ianne Williamson~


"Luis is a breath of fresh air in the arena of spiritual disciplines and development, and a pure joy to witness in action. If you are ready to come face-to-face with what you’ve been avoiding or misunderstanding, with what has been holding you back, come face-to-face with Luis. “Luis helped me move through a very dark period in my life, and in the process left me forever empowered. How blessed I am to have had his influence in my life at this time! Thank you, Luis, for teaching me how to enjoy my feelings and align with the cosmos.”

~Marsha James Valutis, PhD. Applied psychology~

“I have just recently met Luis as I attended to one of his seminars and I was blown away. Luis’ seminars and his latest book is a map for us to track, discern, and facilitate our evolution, to realize our full human potential, by identifying and effectively addressing our underdeveloped qualities. A unified conceptual framework, this map is articulated in the language of chakras and their fundamental properties in ways that has never been done before. Luis (and his books) demonstrates how some seemingly intangible esoteric notion can be coherent and logically articulated. It makes a significant contribution into developing authentic new science that accounts for both physical and spiritual dimensions of human beings.”

~Mark Friedman, PhD. Prof. of mathematics~

“Enthusiasm, determination, and nonstop attitude is what Luis brings to his seminars and private sessions. Don’t let his calm nature fool you. Underneath his cool collective skin is an explosive ball of knowledge and energy that is open to all who is willing to commit to the level of excellence that Luis can deliver. He creates a safe environment that allows people to push themselves to another level; and when you get there, all you want is more.”

~Jean Paul computer programmer -Texas~

“I’m a Tony Robbins certificate graduate. I just have to express that taking Luis Garcia seminars and classes has created an even greater transformation for me, more than my previous certification experience and has taken me to a whole new level that I do not think was possible! Anyone who wants to transform their current way of thinking, their way of living, their way of being, or just wants to go full out and maximize their potential, needs this new technology. Luis’s seminars and classes IS the new technology of self-improvement today, he is absolutely a pioneer, guaranteed!”

~Tim Pesut, B.S. in EE from Purdue University - 20 years of CFP Foreign Currency Trader~

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