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Need a speaker to refresh and inspire your group or audience? A gifted speaker who delivers dynamic insights about you and life, Luis Garcia offers critical knowledge into the working of the human mind to unlock the power of human creativity. His unique spatial intelligence will make you understand how life truly designed you to biologically live as an ever growing creative empowered individual and not to live in fear.  



If you are seeking inspirational, ground-breaking and revolutionary concepts that will take you, your group or audience to the next level, as an engaging speaker and educator Luis Garcia offers a systematic framework that reveals tools and techniques that unlocks your innate creative potential so that you can capitalize on to succeed and to transform your fears by unlocking your suppressed joy and innate passion for life. 



Do you doubt and find yourself questioning your own self-worth? Do you have a hard time inspiring and leading your team? Do you feel you’re still not reaching your purpose? Luis has help many others to have awesome careers, some became authors and speakers, many have moved beyond the mental and emotional limitations and barriers that were holding them back from living well each day.


Workshops Intensive

Luis’s workshops are designed for you to take a deep experiential dive to explore the wide spectrum of your thoughts and feelings in an uncensored way. You will truly pull out your greatness as you truly learn to express your natural exuberance and feel euphoric in the process. You will discover and learn an in-depth psychological framework and be on your way to administrate the power of your mind and emotion in no time.      


Online Courses

How can you acquire the knowledge of personal phycology so that you can make sense of yourself and others? Is there a road-map that reveals the chronological secretes to personal growth that gives you the creative mind power to succeed in your life? Is there a framework that I can practice to better myself so that I can perform more effectively, achieve goals faster, and become confident in myself? Learn these topics and more in Luis’s online courses!          


One On One Coaching

Want a more one to one private coaching setting? Book now and together let’s define your vision and let's get clear about who you are and where you want to go. Let's identify your limitations and beliefs that are holding you back from what you want to do in life. Let's also create a plan for you to execute your goals so that you can accomplish day to day tasks, cultivate better relationships, and increase energy for better effectiveness.

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Luis is an outstanding human being that you can learn a lot from.

Galia Statsenko

“Watching Luis teach activate my passion and desire to grow and to understand myself better. Using Luis as a reference point, I see my unlimited potential and possibilities. I’m deeply inspired and grateful to have meet Luis and to grow to understand what he knows. I’m fascinated with his connection to Life and his understanding of human behavior and I’m hoping to discover those qualities in myself. If you wish to understand and improve your life in any area of your life, I highly recommend anyone to check out Luis’s work, you will be blown away of what Luis is saying and teaching, his work is very unique.”

~Massage Therapist, Phoenix, Arizona~

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